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Southern Oregon commercial, real estate and landscape photographer

About Me

Southern Oregon real estate and commercial photographer.

Hello Southern Oregon, and thank you so much for your interest in my photography.

I spent the last 9 years as an accountant (4 as a CPA, and still maintain my license). Unfortunately that field didn't end up working out for me because I have a passion for creative work. With my college and work history, and self taught photography I am now set up to run a photography business in all aspects.

I provide services to both Southern Oregon and Northern California, specializing in real estate & commercial photography. I also love the outdoors and shooting moody landscape photography and I LOVE to print photos (if interested in purchasing, please check HERE.).

My style and work is based on an artistic vision as I enjoy the editing aspect of photos to truly make them special and to "wow" others. I hope to portray my style and expertise in all the work I do. 

I'm a believer in quality over quantity. Generally my shoots are completed with that in mind.

I live with my gorgeous wife Andrea and our two kids, Kai & Orion. We love to play video games, sports, and go camping. I love my family!

Please have a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions about photography services related to real estate or commercial shoots in Southern Oregon.

Kind regards,

Jesse Smith (aka Smitty)

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